Paramotor Crash!!

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Happy Camper

richard1910, Submitter

In this video a Pilot takes an asymetric collpase and comes in hard. Fortunately without serious injury. But does he blame it on airfield turbulence or does he understand the real reason?

One simple thing that the pilot does causes the collapse to occur by introducing three changes to the forces involved in flight.
1. Gyroscopic Precession.
2. Asymetric Blade Thrust
3. Thrust Vector.

All three are involved when he brings up his knees and changes the direction of the thrust and unloads the wing asymetrically whilst lowering the angle of attack.

  • Date: 27/11/2007
  • Views: 15865
  • Comments: 0
  • Rating: 4.5
  • Votes: 2

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